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Cement Tile Roof Painting Sydney

Cement Tile Roof Painting Sydney Wide

If you’re thinking of a spot of cement tile roof painting Sydney, you’ve made a wise and excellent choice. There is no better way to give your home a facelift for equity value, preventative purposes and personal satisfaction. The next step is choosing a Sydney roof painting company that understand not only the importance of appearance but likewise complete your project with the utmost care, knowledge, and expertise. Bass Roofing Sydney can guarantee the results you’re after with over 20 years proven professionalism in the industry. We’re so confident in our ability to deliver outstanding service, that we even offer a 12-year warranty on all of our work.

Cement Roof Painting for Restoration

By making the smart choice to paint now, you could be saving yourself a headache and a lot more money with roof troubles in the future. With blistering summers and freezing winters in Sydney, your roof is exposed to a whole lot of elements. These temperatures create wear and tear, ultimately gathering moss and mold, and producing small cracks and fissures in your tiles. Investing in having your roof painted acts as a safeguard to these problem areas.

The Process of Cement Tile Roof Painting

First and foremost, we use only the most high-quality paints. As experts who care about your home, we understand durability, elasticity to move with the elements, and heat reflective paint is of the utmost importance. We thoroughly clean the surface of your roof with advanced high-pressure equipment, removing any debris and lichen or moss that could eventually erode your tiles. We’ll likewise restore any tiles that may be missing or cracked. Of course, we’ll take care of any broken ridge capping, re-bedding, and re-joining that may be required too. We’ll then apply the smoothest, silkiest and long-lasting color to your roof that not only stands the test of time but will make you the envy of your street!

Have Your Cement Tile Roof Painted to Save Money

As a home or business owner in Sydney, you’re sitting on a real estate gold mine. And appealing aesthetics can only enhance your equity value. Perhaps even more important is the money you’ll save by owning a perfecting restored, watertight, heat reflective roof. Did you know the quality of your roof’s veneer can actually keep down your cooling costs by maintaining a lower temperature in the home? You could save up to 20% of electricity costs while reducing your carbon footprint. So you’re not only be kind to your own wallet but to the planet as well!

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