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Cement Tile Roof Restoration Sydney

Cement Tile Roof Restoration Sydney Wide

Providing full cement tile roof restoration Sydney, every expectation will be met by your professional and friendly team at Bass Roofing. With over 20 year’s expertise in the industry, our 12-year warranty ensures peace of mind, and our proven track record of customer service will meet every personal need. We can truly guarantee outstanding restoration for your roof, spanning throughout all Sydney’s metropolis, residential and rural areas.

What is Cement Roof Restoration?

Cement tiles can show their age, along with collecting wear and tear that may ultimately lead to damage. Roofs can collect debris, while the elements and time will present cracks, chips, and breaks. These are the outside flaws that could begin ceiling and staining problems on the inside. Staying on top of these flaws with an inspection, and then applying restoration solutions, is the best way to not only have your roof looking shiny new again, but avoid costly future complications.

What Steps are Taken to Restore My Cement Roof?

Whether your roof is large or small, sloping, angled, or even horizontal, and is perched on top of your home, office or business, we climb on up and take a look! Firstly, we’ll assess exactly what is required to mend and enhance the longevity of your roof. We’ll then present you with an easy-to-understand full report, detailed with expert guidance and company knowledge. We carry out all projects with compliance in safety procedures, efficient trade practices, and individual needs as our foremost priority.

Cement Roof Restoration Process

Typically, the cement tile roof restoration Sydney process begins with a clean. Using advanced high-pressure equipment, the mold, lichen, debris, and moss is removed from the surface to strip back potential roof damage. Ridges, along with re-bedding and re-pointing may be required. Since tiles shift over time, tiles and concrete can slowly come loose or crumble away, leaving lose or unsupported tiles. And we’ll replace any tiles that are necessary before applying anti-fungal treatments for long-term weather resistance.

Painting may also be required for your restoration project, and Bass Roofing Sydney uses the highest standard and quality roof painting materials to compliment your roof and home, and sustain durability against the elements. We also take chimneys and skylights into account, ensuring they’re protected during the procedure, and incorporating around their ridges with a thorough clean too.

From the initial assessment to the complete watertight and attractive restoration, we offer Sydney’s most remarkable service, safety standards, and customer satisfaction.

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