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Who We are

At Bass Roofing Sydney, we pride ourselves on expertise and knowledge of all your roofing needs and extend a 12 year warranty on our services. Operating throughout Sydney’s metropolis, suburban and rural areas, we’ve been taking care of restoration needs for over 20 years. During our decades of supplying professional advice, unbeatable value and quality workmanship, we’ve earned a reputation for proven track record, flawless results and customer satisfaction.

Dedicated to all Roofing Areas

Over the years, the weather and elements inflict wear and tear, with the sun and rain causing roofs to fade, shift, peel and even crack. Each particular style and material of your roof requires specific attention, and Bass Roofing Sydney have gained an extensive knowledge of every type under the sun! Whether it be terracotta, cement tiles, or colorbond metal roofing, we understand what needs to be done for your home or business.

Restoration and Revamping

Sometimes restoration might mean the replacement of tiles and repointing (the corners of your roof that can erode with time, leaving tiles unsupported). Other times, restoration simply may involve cleaning or painting. You might have heard the saying ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, and if not, the phrase is another way of saying that restoring a little error in due time will save you from a larger and more complicated future problem. So feel free to contact us if you suspect a leak, or even if you’d just like the appearance of your roof restored to its former appeal with a clean. In actual fact, a pressure clean for your roof is likewise a preventative and form of restoration in its ability to remove eroding mold and algae. A perfect solution for both an attractive and healthy roof!

Why Bass Roofing is the Sydney Favourite

For over two decades, we’ve understood the roofing needs of Sydney. You want your abode to display appeal, which in turn ensures your home equity and value. You likewise want to maintain the perfect veneer on the outside, to protect what’s equally important on the inside. Our commitment to affordability, advanced techniques, and high standard workmanship has guaranteed our company as your reliable roofing team.

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